Piaggio Production System (PPS) inside PMS

Work to expand the PPS continual improvement programme at EMEA sites was ongoing.

Progress in the three main areas of the programme is reported below.


The trend of processing costs managed by the Sites showed a further reduction, after 2012 targets were reached. These costs are in line with the 2013 budget target, established taking into account the PPS reduction objectives of the three-year plan.

Work environment

Two separate programmes are being developed to improve the work environment.

The 5S programme will reorganise work stations for a better quality and productivity. The programme is being run for 40% of all production areas with an average "adequacy" rating compared to the best reference standards.

The programme, which is called QUICK KAIZEN and was launched in 2013, will actively involve all operating personnel in defining production issues and related solutions for improvement. At the 9 pilot sites, more than two hundred production issues against the three hundred identified have been solved.

Company culture

The dissemination of the most appropriate methodological standards and best tools recognised at a World Class Manufacturing level has made it possible to achieve a high level of staff motivation. At Piaggio, this has been consolidated with the introduction of regular in-company TV slots that focus on how employees apply these methodologies/tools. Consequently, the effect of traditional training on these specific issues can be disseminated even more effectively.