Health and Safety

In the first half of 2013, the Company produced an in-depth training plan for safety, in line with directives of the State/Regions Agreement no. 221 of 21 December 2011 and subsequent indications in Agreement no. 153 of 25 July 2012.

The training project involved all company positions (blue collars, white collars and managers), also as regards their specific duties and with particular reference to the role of the occupational safety supervisor and of persons with authorisation concerning occupational safety.
The duration and contents differed depending on the participants and any previous training already provided by the Company in classroom lessons and by e-learning.
The training project was for all operating sites in Italy for approximately 20,800 hours.
Work continued in the period to bring the Polo Meccanica site in line with Piaggio company standards relative to its safety and environmental management system, in view of plans to extend OHSAS 18001/07 and ISO 14001 certification to this production unit.
In January 2013, important renovation works in the two-wheeler painting unit were completed, with water spray eliminated by reducing over spray and increasing the efficiency of ventilation systems, tested by air and environmental quality measurements.
At the Mandello operating site, a computerised system was introduced for medical fitness for health surveillance of employees by the Company-appointed Doctor. Safety training involved 33 temporary employees working at the site.
Total Piaggio injury statistics (for all operating sites) improved compared to the first half of 2012, with a frequency index of 2.6 (first 5 months of 2013) compared to a frequency index of 2.9 (first 5 months of 2012); this improvement occurred at the individual sites of Pontedera, Scorzè and Mandello del Lario.
In April, the Safety manager of the Piaggio Vietnam Site held a one-week introductory training course at the central Occupational Safety and Medicine unit at Pontedera. Essential information was provided for implementing measures necessary to integrate the occupational safety management system at the Vietnam site with the Piaggio Group's more general, integrated safety and environmental system.
Approximately 400 hours of safety training were provided at the Piaggio Vietnam site, which is preparing to obtain OHSAS 18001 certification. In April the Piaggio Vietnam Medical Centre entered into an agreement with the Welfare Department, under which costs incurred for activities at the medical centre will be reimbursed by this department.
Information continued to be shared with the Safety manager of the Baramati (India) sites of Piaggio Vehicles Ltd., concerning local accident statistics, which were very low (frequency index of 0.2). At these sites, the focus on safety was at the forefront, with over 6,500 hours of training provided.