Piaggio and research and development

Anticipating customer requirements, creating products that are innovative in terms of their technology, style and functionality, pursuing research for a better quality of life are all fields of excellence in which the Piaggio Group excels, as well as a means for measuring its leadership position on the market.
The Piaggio Group develops these areas through research and development at 6 centres in Italy, India, Vietnam and China.

In particular, the main objective of the Piaggio Group is to meet the most progressive needs for mobility, while reducing the environmental impact and consumption of its vehicles, guaranteeing their performance and levels of excellence. A constant focus is placed on research into vehicles that are at the forefront in terms of:

  • environmental credibility; products that can reduce pollutant gas and CO2 emissions in town and out-of-town use; this is achieved by further developing traditional engine technologies (increasingly sophisticated internal combustion engines), as well as making more use of renewable, sustainable energy sources;
  • reliability and safety; vehicles that enable a growing number of users to get about town easily, helping to reduce traffic congestion and guaranteeing high standards of active, passive and preventive safety;
  • recyclability, i.e. products that minimise environmental impact at the end of their useful life cycle;
  • cost-effectiveness, vehicles with lower running and maintenance costs.

Piaggio's research and development is strongly focussed on two main themes: developing engines that are even more environmentally friendly and with an even better performance, and vehicles with an improved functionality and safety.

  1st half of 2013 1st half of 2012
  Capitalised Expenses Total Capitalised Expenses Total
In millions of Euro            
Two-wheeler 19.0 7.1 26.1 22.5 8.0 30.5
Commercial Vehicles 3.8 1.9 5.7 5.6 1.5 7.2
Total 22.8 9.0 31.8 28.1 9.6 37.7
EMEA and Americas 16.2 7.3 23.5 15.3 8.6 23.8
India 3.7 1.1 4.8 8.3 0.6 8.9
Asia Pacific 2W 2.9 0.5 3.4 4.6 0.4 5.0
Total 22.8 9.0 31.8 28.1 9.6 37.7

In the first half of 2013, the Piaggio Group continued its policy of retaining technological leadership in the sector, allocating total resources of € 31.8 million to research and development, of which € 22.8 million capitalised under intangible assets as development costs