The environment and main relations with control authorities

Besides legal compliance (dispatch of the annual MUD report on waste and annual certification of CO2 emissions - Emission Trading), the Pontedera site complied with requirements in the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) for the site, sending the Solvent Management report, report on inspections conducted in 2012 and results of the 1st groundwater analysis campaign. The following documents were sent:

  • 2012 MUD report (Sites at Pontedera, Gello waste site, PM01, Noale, Scorzè, Quinto di Treviso, Mandello del Lario) [17 April 2013];
  • 2012 Solvent Management Plan (to the Province of Pisa) [28 February 2013];
  • summary report of the results of the monitoring and annual control plan (to the Province of Pisa, the regional agency for environmental protection (ARPAT), the local health authorities (ASL 5) and the Municipality of Pontedera) [02 April 2013];
  • the results of the first groundwater analysis campaign (to the Province of Pisa and ARPAT) [30 April 2013].