Developing Human Capital

Developing core competencies required by business developments and the market is a priority and this is why the professional development of the Group's employees is based on this strategy.


In the first half of 2013, the Piaggio evaluation process, Evaluation Management System, involving all Group white collar staff and middle and senior management, was completed for Asia and India.

Piaggio Way

The Piaggio Way talent programme, lasting a maximum of four years, trains resources with managerial potential from Europe, the United States, Asia and India.
Participants, classified as Young Talent and Managerial Talent, are given the chance to take part in fast-track development programmes (job rotation, strategic and international projects, events with the involvement of top management, coaching and bespoke training).
During 2013, activities continued to develop and train employees in year one and two of the talent programme, and employees were selected for the third year.