Operating outlook

Despite the slowdown in growth at a global level and of western economies in particular, the Group is committed to the strategies outlined in its industrial plan presented in December 2011.

Thus it is committed to generating strong growth for productivity (harnessing its increased international presence, to increase the competitiveness of product costs in key processes such as purchasing, manufacturing and design), to its strategy of industrial and business development in Asia and to consolidating its leadership position on western markets.

As regards business and industrial operations:

  • the growth strategy for the Asia Pacific area will be continued, expanding the range of two-wheeler vehicles and pursuing development on various markets in the area, also through an industrial presence which was further consolidated in 2012, with the start-up of the engine manufacturing plant in Vietnam;
  • sales on the Indian scooter market, which is characterised by high growth rates and where the Group started operations in spring 2012, introducing its premium brand Vespa, will gradually increase, also supported by expansion of the sales network and consolidation of product ranges;
  • the Group's leadership position on the European two-wheeler market will be confirmed, through further consolidation of the product range and increased sales and margins in the motorcycle segment, with the Moto Guzzi and Aprilia ranges;
  • sales of commercial vehicles in India will go up, also because of the new Apé City being launched on the three-wheeler market in India, and new models being launched in the four-wheeler segment; in emerging countries, a further development in exports to African, Asian and Latin American markets will be targeted;
  • current positions on the European commercial vehicles market will be maintained.

As for technology, the Piaggio Group will continue its focus on developing ranges of two-wheeler and commercial vehicles, and standard and hybrid engines that offer considerable fuel savings and lower pollutant emissions.

In view of continuing difficulties in the macroeconomic context, the company will present a new 2014-2018 Strategic Plan before the end of the year, ahead of the end of the previous 2011-2014 Plan.