Company Boards

Board of Directors  
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roberto Colaninno (1)
Deputy Chairman Matteo Colaninno
Directors Michele Colaninno (3)
Franco Debenedetti (3), (4)
Daniele Discepolo (2), (4), (5), (6)
Mauro Gambaro
Livio Corghi
Luca Paravicini Crespi (3), (5), (6)
Riccardo Varaldo (4), (5), (6)
Vito Varvaro
Andrea Paroli
Board of Statutory Auditors
Chairman Giovanni Barbara
Statutory Auditors Attilio Francesco Arietti
Alessandro Lai
Alternate Auditors Mauro Girelli
Elena Fornara
Supervisory Body
 Antonino Parisi
Giovanni Barbara
Ulisse Spada
Chief Financial Officer 
 Gabriele Galli
Executive in charge of financial reporting
 Alessandra Simonotto
Independent Auditors
 PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A.
(1) Director in charge of internal audit and risk management (2) Lead Independent Director (3) Member of the Appointment Proposal Committee (4) Member of the Remuneration Committee (5) Member of the Internal Control and Risk Management Committee (6) Member of the Related Party Transactions Committee