Certification of the Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements pursuant to article 154 bis of Italian Legislative Decree 58/98

1. The undersigned Roberto Colaninno (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Alessandra Simonotto (Executive in charge of financial reporting) of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. certify, also in consideration of article 154-bis, sections 3 and 4, of Legislative Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998:

  • the appropriateness with regard to the company’s characteristics and
  • the actual application of administrative and accounting procedures for the formation of the Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements during the first half of 2013.

2. With regard to the above, no relevant aspects are to be reported.

3. Moreover, it is stated that 

3.1 the Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements:

a) have been prepared in compliance with the international accounting standards recognised by the European Community pursuant to regulation (EC) no. 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and Council of 19 July 2002;

b) correspond to accounting records;

c) give a true and fair view of the consolidated statement of financial position and results of operations of the Issuer and of all companies included in the scope of consolidation;

3.2 the Interim Directors’ Report contains references to important events occurring in the first six months of the financial year and to their incidence on the Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements, together with a description of the main risks and uncertainties for the remaining six months of the financial year, as well as information on significant transactions with related parties.


Date: 26 July 2013


/s/ Roberto Colaninno

Roberto Colaninno
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

/s/ Alessandra Simonotto

Alessandra Simonotto
Executive in charge of financial reporting